1), product warranty terms:
     A, the responsible for the conditions and duration of new equipment: non-human damage , one-year warranty, lifetime maintenance;
     B, the product beyond the warranty period, to collect the necessary costs;
     C, all products parts are suitable  "Three Guarantees" regulations.
2), warranty rules:
    A, warranty service is effective for normal use.
    B, the warranty period accounts from the acceptance date;
    C, the following reasons, will not enjoy the warranty treatment:
          ① beyond the warranty period;
          ②defects and damage caused by abnormal and unconventional use;
          ③ damage caused by the user, need pay maintenance fees. Man-made causes include: self-disassembly or modification, natural wear and tear, mechanical damage, water, fire, not according to the user manual;
          (4) Defects or damage caused by incorrect testing, operation, maintenance, installation, alteration or adjustment;
          ⑤caused defects or damage by unauthorized repair, demolition, etc.;
          ⑥ normal wear and tear.
3), maintenance commitments
          If you can not solve the problem, you can communicate with the customer service immediately , we will arrange the technician to response within 4 hours, provide solution within 8 hours ,solve the problem at site within 72 hours. 
4), service plan after the warranty period;
          Specific content and commitment after warranty period:
          1, products are provided life-long technical support services, 24-hour telephone free technical support;
          2, the general problem of telephone communication guide to resolve, for on-site service: staff within 72 hours to the customer site to solve the problem;
          3, to provide damaged parts, accessories, and collect costs;
5), other service commitments;
          After-sales service warranty after the equipment warranty:
          1, provide : maintenance services;
          2, Acting third - party measurement services for all products;
          3, provide professional consult services of testing standards .
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