1.The testing machine on the platform or concrete floor, adjust the level of machine through adjustment screw under the base , testing machine table level is not greater than 0.2 / 1000,  fasten the screw nut after adjustment completed;
  2. Check the voltage is well or not, then make the plug into the socket, then the screen should be a digital display, the red indicator light above <stop> key;
  3. Check whether each button is normal. When a button is pressed, the relevant contents should be displayed. (See the <Usage and Operation> section for details.)
  4. Safety protection performance 
   (1) Upper and lower limit position stop test:
Press the <Up> or <Down> button to stop the mobile beam when it reaches the upper or lower limit position. Note: It should be carried out at a lower speed. (After moving the board to the limit switch, the power will be cut off automatically. Only the hand grip into the machine the lower right side of the hole in the rotating transmission mechanism, the mobile beam from the limit switch connected to the power, remove the hand grip before turning on, in order to avoid danger!).
   (2) specimen tensile failure test:
Press <speed selection> button, select any gear, clamping sample then tensile test
For example: TH-8203 tensile testing machine, the maximum nominal load is 100kg, The sample automatically shut down after tensile, this function must meet with the actual test specimen> selected gear the maximum nominal load of 1% or more The actual tensile strength of the selected sample should be> 1kg, if the actual test force <1kg, the sample will not automatically pull off.
   (3) overload automatic shutdown test
When the test force exceeds 2% to 10% of the maximum test force, it will stop automatically when the test force exceeds 2% to 10% of the set maximum force.
  5. Check the connection to the computer
Start the computer and turn on the test software to check whether the force display is changed when the clamp force. (For details, refer to the software manual.)
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