1, the computer requirements:
    The requirement of minimum configuration for hardware system:
        First, there must be 9-pin PCI serial port
        Then,1. the CPU for the Intel Celeron (Celeron) 2GHz CPU
                2. Memory at least 512MB, recommended more than 1GB
                3. Hard disk space above 2GB
                4. Display resolution of 1024 × 768 or more.
                5. Printer compatible with the operating system (if output reports are required)
                6. The requirements of software system:
     The applicable operating system for Microsoft's Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.
     If you need to export the report in Word format, you must install Microsoft's MicroSoft Word 2003 version of the software
   2, Installation site requirements:
     1. The use of power 220V, 10T or more machine for the 380V, need to have a good grounding triangle plug line board,
     2. Place the machine: Refer to the weight of the machine (such as TH-8203A machine weight 60KG, the machine table can bear, the minimum space 550 * 500 * 1230, the computer desk needs other space
     3. Keep away from electromagnetic interference
  3, training requirements
     1. Need three or more staffs who know how to operate the computer 
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