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Mr.Zhong Who is the manager of Business Department of Suzhou TOPHUNG Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. attended the media committee of Asia PV Industry Association (APVIA) On 28th Oct. 2016.
Asia Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA) is the most representative photovoltaic industry organization in Asia. APVIA is committed to promoting the PV industry in the world, especially in Asia, including China, India , Southeast Asia , West Asia and other countries the fastest growing solar energy market development. Attracting industry associations, research institutes and PV companies to participate  which are from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Korea, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey and Arab Asia.
Asia PV Industry Association (APVIA) set up a media committee aims to: to pass policies and guidelines of the national government support the development of photovoltaic industry; to spread the latest global PV research and the latest technological developments;to reflect the photovoltaic institutions, especially the photovoltaic Production enterprises in their respective areas of the latest developments and problems encountered by the maximum mobilization of national concern and support of the public health of the photovoltaic industry; set up various media units and the Asian PV Industry Association between many institutions and enterprises Communication and communication of the bridge, resulting in group effect, play a greater role of the media.
TOPHUNG machinery universal testing machine plays an important role in the photovoltaic industry. Suzhou TOPHUNG Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. and more companies to reach a win-win cooperation relations.



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